Monday, 9 January 2012

Christmas Crafts: Part 3 - Entryway Tree

Yet another Christmas craft, inspired by Pinterest (Check out the original link here)! This project is a WAYYY cheaper version of something you can find in stores- I have seen entryway trees advertised for $70! This cost me less than $15, but it was a little frustrating. The Christmas lights were all working, then when I had them all strung, half of them weren't working, then half of them were flashing... ugh! That's what I get for using lights from Dollarama I suppose :)

Pinterest vs. Reality (mine's on the bottom)
 What You Need:
-a metal tomato cage
-Christmas lights
-a fancy pot/base

First you shape the top of the tomato cage together into a point, as shown below. I also cut off the bottom ring because it was too big for my base.

Then you just wrap the garland and lights around the tomato cage to make your tree! I fastened it on by bending some of the branches of the garland around the wire to hold it on. There are probably much better ways to put it in the base than what I did, but this craft was not co-operating with me very well at this point, so I improvised a little. I duct taped the 3 wires at the bottom into the inside of the base, and put an old brick inside so it didn't topple over. This probably wouldn't be necessary if you had a base made of ceramic, or something heavier than my Dollarama find (I'm a little cheap).

The final product!

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