Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas Crafts: Part 1 - Mini Knitted Sweaters

This Christmas, I've been so busy doing crafts and baking that I've hardly had any time to blog about it! There are a lot of pictures for these tutorials, so I've split it into 4 parts. First up is mini knitted sweaters. I found this pattern on knitting pattern central (great knitting website!). You can find the link to the pattern here (I followed #12, and made up my own colour combinations and patterns).

First I just used variegated yarn, and made a hanger out of wire to use this one as a Christmas tree ornament.

I had it sitting on my fridge for a while before we had the tree up, so you could even put a magnet on the back and it would be cute too.

I made a few more, and decided that it would be cute to put them all together to make a garland. I made 4 different ones (one for each person in my family), and just put a red ribbon through the arms of them, and tied bows at the end. I don't know about you, but I thought that it was super cute!!

Another note: the pattern said to knit it on two needles, but when I did the red and white ones I knit it on four needles so I didn't have to do so much sewing. Enjoy!

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