Friday, 6 January 2012

Christmas Crafts: Part 2 - Ornament Wreath

This is another Pinterest-inspired craft, although I must admit that I wanted to make something like this before I saw it online, but thankfully I was able to follow this link for the instructions. The tutorial pictures are a lot better on that website, so I would suggest following those directions if you're going to make one yourself. Also, check out the one my friend Sarah made on her blog.

Pinterest version on top, my version on the bottom

Here's what you need:
-1 wire hanger
-approximately 50 ball ornaments
-glue gun

First you glue on the little caps that go on top of the ornaments. I skipped this step at first,  but then the ornaments kept falling off so I decided to glue them after all.

Next you shape the wire hanger into a circle shape. Then you put the ornaments onto the wire hanger by stringing the holes through the wire. The original instructions say to just keep loading them on until it's full, but I decided to glue them together to stay in place, and save ornaments. It also lays flat against the wall too, so that's a bonus.

To finish, you twist the wire back together at the top of the hanger, and tie a nice big ribbon on it. Ta da!!

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