Monday, 1 October 2012

Grilled Balsamic Vegetable Wraps (With Goat Cheese!)

Although I love both cooking and baking, one thing I really enjoy about cooking is that you can be creative and leave out (or add in) ingredients as you please for the most part. This recipe is inspired by grilled vegetable wraps I have had at various restaurants (notably August restaurant in Beamsville... if you are ever in Niagara definitely check it out!). I loosely based the recipe off of the one found at this link. I surprised myself at how delicious and easy this was! I also used our new Cuisinart Griddler to grill the wraps at the end, it's definitely a wedding gift that I am enjoying! If you don't have one or a similar item, then don't worry about it, they still taste good even if they aren't grilled at the end. Like I said, cooking is flexible! You could even add in some asparagus, red peppers, or anything else that you think you might like. Enjoy!

Grilled Balsamic Vegetable Wraps

1 zucchini
1 onion
1 package mushrooms
1 green or red pepper
1 package baby spinach
1 package Goat cheese
6 Tortilla wraps
Vegetable Oil
Balsamic Vinegar (or balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing)

1. Cut up the vegetables (aside from the baby spinach), and brush them with vegetable oil and balsamic vinegar.

2. Put the vegetables on a grilling tray or cookie sheet and broil for 5 minutes. Flip the vegetables and broil for another 5 minutes.

3. While the vegetables are cooking, spread some goat cheese on the wraps, and put some baby spinach in them.

4. Put the grilled vegetables inside the tortillas, wrap them up, and put them on your Griddler/Panini Press on high for approximately 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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