Monday, 14 May 2012

Best Shower Gift Ever

I am reaching that stage of life where all of my friends (including me!) are getting married. That means lots of wedding showers to go to! This is (in my opinion) a great shower gift for a bride-to-be, and was a big hit at the two showers that I have gone to so far. With your name etched onto the casserole dish, nobody will ever steal it at potlucks! I saw this idea on Pinterest, and had to try it out! I apologize for the quality of my pictures, it is really difficult to take a good picture of glass!

-glass casserole dish
-glass etching cream (I got it from Michael's for about $10)
-foam brush
-adhesive vinyl
-cricut or stencils and exacto knife

1. Cut out the letters/design that you would like onto the adhesive vinyl using your cricut, or trace and cut with an exacto knife.

2. Stick the adhesive vinyl onto the clean glass surface where you would like your design to appear.

3. Apply a GENEROUS amount of glass etching cream to the glass surface on top of the stencil you made. Put it on nice and thick so that you can't see the glass underneath. Leave it for 10-15 minutes on a flat surface so that the cream doesn't drip. *The instructions on the cream said to leave it for 1-2 minutes, but on my practice one it didn't show up well enough, so I left it for a lot longer.*

4. Rinse off the cream using water and paper towels. Peel off the stenciled vinyl, and wipe off any excess cream. Dry it and you are finished!

A few notes:
The way that the glass etching works is that it is an acid that chips away at the surface of the glass. This means that the etching is permanent, and you can bake, microwave, and wash it and it won't come off. This also means that you have to be careful not to make any mistakes! I recommend doing a practice one on an old candle or jar before doing it on a $20 casserole dish. :)

You can use this technique on any glass surface that you would like. I saw some on Pinterest that were decorated trifle dishes, or candle holders that are nice.

Pinterest vs. Reality: Glass Etched Casserole Dish

(mine on bottom)

Dress it up:
I knit some dishcloths and put them inside one of the gifts that I gave. I also sewed a plastic bag holder, you can find that tutorial here.

Pinterest vs. Reality: Plastic Bag Holder (mine on bottom)
For another, I sewed a casserole carrier to go with it. I am a beginner sewer, so I am not even going to attempt to make a tutorial, but you can find the one that I used here. Ta da!

Pinterest vs. Reality: Casserole Carrier (mine on bottom)

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